At e-Cafe Business Ltd, a leading static website designing company, our website designers offer experience, knowledge and talent to produce breathtaking visuals in web designing. Our static website design packages offer absolute solutions to individuals and businesses, where they can post details about themselves or their business.

Web design of static websites is one of the vital components that go into making a successful Internet marketing strategy. A successful web designer focuses on many factors before creating website layouts and the kind of web pages we create is our primary concern that keeps us on our toes.

Static Website Designing is Different from Dynamic Web Designing!

In static website designing there’s limited scope to innovate and you cannot modify the content and images that’s fed into the system, whereas in dynamic website designing the content and images can be changed regularly.

The static website design price in Nigeria is quite competitive therefore it is very popular with startups and individuals. It is also preferred by our website design company in Nigeria because it takes less time to load and is best way to attract traffic. On the other hand, dynamic websites take longer to load mainly due to the multiple features they have.

In static web pages coded by website designers, images need to be optimized regularly to match improving Internet speed levels. Also, web page index submission is easier. These pages also do not allow web servers to carry out certain calculations using specific scripts and so it’s possible to avoid slowing of servers.

Static website design is very easy for search engine bots to detect and assess for successful indexing and page listing. Compared to dynamic web pages, it is very easy to transport static web pages. You just need to link a database. You can also move a static web page from one directory to another. Also, moving static page to a new server is easy, since no database format changes are required.

Here’s what we would do to your business:

  • Create a professional looking website that is easy to navigate
  • Our professional web designers work to produce meaningful content, stunning imagery and user friendly e-commerce solutions
  • Provide you static web content with relevant keywords that can get your website top ranking on big search engines

Being a reputable static web design service provider in Nigeria and overseas, we offer you awesome static website at great prices. We also strive for complete customer satisfaction. We are sure our efforts will help you in getting more visitors and business within a short time.

Our Static Web Design Service Packages Include:

  • Custom Designing
  • Enquiry Form
  • Creating POP Emails
  • SEO Friendly Designs
  • Google Analytic Integration
  • Free Annual Maintenance
  • 100% Responsive
  • Social Media Linking
  • Google map
  • Customer Support

If you want to take your business to the next level, get in touch with us at for best static website design price in Nigeria